Fertility awareness calendar.

Fertility Awareness

Teaches women to determine the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle. To avoid pregnancy, women avoid intercourse on fertile days.


  • 95-99.6% effective with perfect use
  • 76% effective with typical use
  • Ovulation is detected via observation of cervical mucus, body temperature, and position of cervix
  • Inexpensive and natural


  • Requires diligence, strict compliance, and periodic abstinence
  • May not be suitable for women with erratic/ irregular menstrual cycles

*The relative effectiveness of a birth control method is defined in two ways: actual effectiveness and theoretical effectiveness. Actual effectiveness refers to the "typical use" of a method, meaning how effective the method is during actual use (including inconsistent and incorrect use). Theoretical effectiveness refers to the "perfect use" of a method, which is defined by when the method is used correctly and consistently as directed.